Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliated Program

In my previous post i have showed Affiliate Marketing.Today affiliated market is very famous in market and Amazon affiliated market is one of them. Due to Amazon product rang and quality anyone can make money easily. It’s like eBay

Take advantage of your blog or website traffic and make money from Amazon affiliated program. Amazon affiliated program is kind of relation between website owner and Amazon where by Amazon offers the website owner a commission fee structure for linking to their product for sale.
amazon affiliate program

How to make money with Amazon affiliate program

Just follow these Most common steps to join Amazon affiliate program and make money to sell product.

Join free Amazon affiliate program.
  • After Amazon affiliate program is approve for your site, Amazon will provide number of way to promote Amazon product and link to their site for sale.
  • Now you can create affiliate links on your site which point to or Amazon product on their site. If any visitor to your site clicks on one of the affiliate links and goes to and bye any product then you get credit for the particular sale. Commission is depend on the total selling price, not including shipping.
  • Once minimum payment for direct deposit is only $10 is reached then Amazon will pay you your commission.
  • For make money your traffic must forward to Amazon site. You have to follow affiliated program police. Any visitor from your site to Amazon site must go by Amazon approve link. These links have unique ID that will track your recode and provide commission to you. 
Amount to make money from Amazon is depending on the following factor.
  1. Cast of product and percentage of commission on particular product. 
  2. Amazon affiliate work on simple logic that means more sell-more money. 
  3. How many of visitor follows the affiliate links to and how many of them actually buy something from Amazon within certain time period.