Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Get Traffic From Us And Canada

A Lot of website owner doesn’t want junk web traffic from all over world, but they want only website traffic from US and Canada. For any webmaster wants to  make great profit, but for that website conversions or the amount of website visitors who makes sell is the most important measure for marketing success. High volume targeted web traffic can ensure great conversions. 
Have you ever think that why US and Canada traffic is important for website owner? Answer is simple First these US, Canada are so developed and US or Canada web traffic can make high sell profit for website owner. Second is that most of the PPC, CPM networks paying high EPC for this kind of traffic.

Blow is some important tips in order to get traffic form US and Canada.

  • Hosting your account at the US or  Canada- For getting high ranking and high traffic for US or Canada your hosting account should be at US or Canada. Every website is hosted on a web server that attaches to the world internet. Every web server, which is connected to the internet is allocated single unique ip address by hosting company. These ip addresses is different for different country and it shows country location that is identified by search engine easily. Depending on ip address and web serve location search engines give important to your website in search ranking. E.g. your hosting account located at the US then search engine give high impotence to website in US.
  • Optimize SEO for US and Canada-SEO optimization for Targeted Traffic is second important steps towards getting US and Canada web traffic. Make sure your website is well optimized in for that always select .com in your website domain. Link building for Targeted Traffic is also important because when you optimized your site in USA or Canada links should be coming for USA or Canada based websites.
  • Configure Geographic location-Take help of your free Google webmasters tool webmaster tool. Configuration geographic location is very easy in webmaster tool, just sing-in->Configuration-> Settings-> Geographic target-> United stated or Canada.After doing this geographic location change, you will find that your site is getting more targeted traffic for where you want.
  • Write Content for US and Canada- when you write your content or product that should always be targeted to USA or Canada people.
All these steps are very important in getting more traffic from US and Canada.