Friday, June 15, 2012

Make Money Answering Questions

There are several online questions and answers website that will pay you for answering questions. Best thing about this website that you can make money answering questions. If you really want to earn money online than you need to find website that pays high for answering questions. Later I will show you some best make money answering questions online sites. I was using yahoo question and answer sites for a long time until I didn't aware to other answering sites thinks today everybody knows about yahoo q&a sites, but yahoo never pays single cents to the users for answers, then why not join some other sites where you can get money for answering questions. 

Earn money by answering questions is some time hard to understated logic for other, but it is very easy. Even you can make a good amount of money by giving advice or solve the problem of question by giving correct answers. Have you ever thought? How broker and financial adviser earn money? They give advice to people about subject that people don't know and they get paid.

You need to do the same thing by giving answers online. Expert advice is very important in making more money because this advice really helps someone. E.g.-if someone have question how to fix my battery lose connecting problem? Instead of paying $50-$60 to shop, he can fix own by using your expert advice. By doing this, he will save money and you will get paid.

Here are the best Question and Answering sites where you can sign up free and get money for answering questions.

JustAnswer-JustAnswer is greatest website in order to earn money by answering questions. Due to justAnswer have 20 million users it has greater optional in market. JustAnswer will pay you $5 to $25 for every best answers. If customer is satisfied with your answer, than that time he will pay you that will deposit to you JustAnswer account. Minimum amount in justAnswer is $20 that will pay you via PayPal. You have total freedom to do work. You can start any time and earn money.

BitWine- This is little different site from other question and answering site. In Bitwine you can give advice by chatting or video calling. Best thing in bitwine is that you can demand your own price from customer. It's now become very easy with phone calling.

Keen-This is another great website because for every advice you will get paid. Keen is more related with psychic reading and related matters. You can set your charge own price per minute. Keen will pay65% of set price to you. When client needs your expert advice then keen redirect call to your number and it will be totally confidential by which client can't see your number. You can set timing for particular calls from client.

LivePerson-Livepersion is great website for that perfume very fast in question and answering session. Livepersion provide high revenue on answers.