Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make Money On eHow

eHow is a great online community where you can get information on different "how to", "about" or "how does" article on different categories. It is free site with large educational articles. eHow is gives freedom to different publisher to write Varity of "how to" articles on different subjects. You can also write article on some fact with video clips.

Anyone can join eHow site and publish their original content. eHow gives opportunity to make money online with eHow Writer Compensation Program, but you need to sing up with write compensation Program and submit your article.
make money ehow

Now it's your choice that how much money you want from eHow published articles. More published article gives more chance to make more money on eHow easily. Before writing any article on eHow, you need to do keyword search and online market analysis. By doing this, you can increase your money on eHow. Your have to work on eHow is one time investment and you will take benefit of this for life time. eHow will generate Permanent and residual income once it begins. 

Your article on eHow will decide your income; quality of content is soul of your income. Make sure your article is well written and original.10-20 article don't give you high amount of money, but 300-400 article can generate high income around $1000 per month.

You can make money on eHow in two simple ways. First when visitor visit your article and second money generating source income on eHow is ads that are running on your article. These ads work like Google Adsense. Every time when your article is visited and number of clicks count on ads will define your income on eHow.

Below are some tips that help you make money on eHow.

Promote Article-For getting more visitors you need to promote your article on Social media site like Facebook, twitter and Google plus etc. Try to write your article SEO friendly by using proper keywords search.

Write readers like article-Always write that article topics which you have full knowledge otherwise article will not satisfied readers. Always write article like readers point of view.

Write short article-Write article short, but give all necessary information to readers. Write simple sentence with grammatically correct. Avoid unnecessary information that makes readers unpleasant. Your article word limit should be 400-500 articles per article.
Use perfect Images-Use of perfect images make article attractive. Images can complete your article that you can't full with bunch of words. Don't use irrelative images in article otherwise it can give negative impact to reader.

Optimize title-Your article title is very important in order to earn income on eHow. Title should be filled with keywords that brings more visitors to your article. By optimizing title of your article you can make article SEO friendly.
These tips in order to make money on eHow are very effective if you will apply it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Make Money Answering Questions

There are several online questions and answers website that will pay you for answering questions. Best thing about this website that you can make money answering questions. If you really want to earn money online than you need to find website that pays high for answering questions. Later I will show you some best make money answering questions online sites. I was using yahoo question and answer sites for a long time until I didn't aware to other answering sites thinks today everybody knows about yahoo q&a sites, but yahoo never pays single cents to the users for answers, then why not join some other sites where you can get money for answering questions. 

Earn money by answering questions is some time hard to understated logic for other, but it is very easy. Even you can make a good amount of money by giving advice or solve the problem of question by giving correct answers. Have you ever thought? How broker and financial adviser earn money? They give advice to people about subject that people don't know and they get paid.

You need to do the same thing by giving answers online. Expert advice is very important in making more money because this advice really helps someone. E.g.-if someone have question how to fix my battery lose connecting problem? Instead of paying $50-$60 to shop, he can fix own by using your expert advice. By doing this, he will save money and you will get paid.

Here are the best Question and Answering sites where you can sign up free and get money for answering questions.

JustAnswer-JustAnswer is greatest website in order to earn money by answering questions. Due to justAnswer have 20 million users it has greater optional in market. JustAnswer will pay you $5 to $25 for every best answers. If customer is satisfied with your answer, than that time he will pay you that will deposit to you JustAnswer account. Minimum amount in justAnswer is $20 that will pay you via PayPal. You have total freedom to do work. You can start any time and earn money.

BitWine- This is little different site from other question and answering site. In Bitwine you can give advice by chatting or video calling. Best thing in bitwine is that you can demand your own price from customer. It's now become very easy with phone calling.

Keen-This is another great website because for every advice you will get paid. Keen is more related with psychic reading and related matters. You can set your charge own price per minute. Keen will pay65% of set price to you. When client needs your expert advice then keen redirect call to your number and it will be totally confidential by which client can't see your number. You can set timing for particular calls from client.

LivePerson-Livepersion is great website for that perfume very fast in question and answering session. Livepersion provide high revenue on answers.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Make Money Per Download

I have showed different ways to make money online. Today I am going to show you another simple way to make money online that is make money per Download. I know that you are thinking that how to make money per download. Really you can earn a lot of money using Pay Per Download network (PPD). Pay Per Download network pays 30 cents to 60 cents or some time more than $1 for each downloading. Pay Per Download network is one of the best ways to make money online without any investment.

You will get paid when someone download file that you have uploaded. Don’t ever think that you can’t make more money using Pay Per Download network. There are different sites are ready to pay you, just you need to register yourself.

After registration it depends on you how much you want to make money per download. Upload original content, Interesting or funny photos, wordpress templates and videos to Pay Per Download network then you can make more money. Increase chance of make more money by uploading more on Pay Per Download network. Secret behind Make Money per Download is more upload and download, but don’t forget on Pay Per Download network terms and polices that you have joined.
make money per download

Another ways also available to make money, you can generate more traffic on Pay Par Download site that have you joined. Anyhow you will get paid $10-$100 depending on per 1000 downloads by other people. Even you can make money by referring people, for every valid referral you will get paid by these PPD sites.

By doing more uploading video and picture you can make more money on these site.Below is some best Pay Per Downloading site that paid high to you.

SharCash- This is one of the new generation sites. By ShareCash get paid for every download. ShareCash gives highest payouts per download. Payment method for ShareCash is Paypal, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Payoneer Local Bank Transfer and Check or a Bank Wire Transfer. Minimum payment for ShareCash is $10.

Dengee- Dengee pays high payout to user. Dengee pay 20 cents to $5 per downloads.You will get paid for each download for all over world. Payment method is pay-pal and Minimum payment is $20.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Make Money Using BlogSpot

Money blogging is one of the sources of income over the internet. A lot of people making money online using blog either it is free or self hosted blog. You know very well that for doing money blogging you need own blog or site. There are so many platforms available on which you can start money free blog. Great things about these blog is that you don’t have to worry about domain name registration or any hosting service. These platforms are available with easy Content management system just you need to add number of article or product description for money blogging.

Today I am going to show you how to make money using BlogSpot or blogger. BlogSpot is free service by Google in which you can easily share thought to the world. Similar to BlogSpot there also other platforms also available like wordpress, tumblr, posterous, typepad, but all other are not good as compared to blogger. All other platforms are different from each other and they have limited feature.
make money using blogspot
Of course BlogSpot is free and you can do easily money blogging with it. Make money using BlogSpot now become easy and you can sign up easily by simple filling form. Over all BlogSpot have a lot of advantage. I will show you each and every advantage and tips in front of you, it’s your choice how you will take benefits of that.

Below are some proven strategies that help make money using BlogSpot.

Selling Advertising-
Selling Advertising space is one of the best things in BlogSpot because BlogSpot have freedom to add Ads. If you have Google AdSense account than Google AdSense will earn for you by just adding AdSense widget to blogger blog. Even you can create blank space (Ads Here) for selling Advertising to others Advertiser and they will pad you depending upon you blog traffic. For selling Ads to advertiser depend on your blog traffic and rank in Google. Generally advertiser pays $4 or $5 per month, but if you are getting more than 10000 and Google rank is more than 2 After that you may get high income. You need to increase blog traffic that will help you increase your income online.

Sell products-
You can sell product over BlogSpot blog by joining LinkShare affiliate network or any others. Choose your product on LinkShare and write complete product description for your targeted audios. Add simple links or affiliate product banner to your product descriptions.

Flipping BlogSpot Blog-
Flipping blog is selling of your blog to someone else when blog get high visitor. Generally flipping BlogSpot blog cost is count on annual blog revenue. E.g. - if my BlogSpot blog is generating $150 per month that means $150*12=$1800 per year. So you BlogSpot Blog costs will be $1800. Well written blogs always have a lot of value in market. Flipping BlogSpot Blog is little difficult because it’s totally free for everyone to join.

Get more customers-
BlogSpot blog can work amazing for increasing your customer. When you are dealing on large online business you can divert customer from you BlogSpot blog to your affiliate landing pages.

These are basic tips for Make Money Using BlogSpot and I am sure it will help you. Just you need to more readers and optimization of blogger blog.
If you can optimize blog in SEO and SMO than there is no problem to make money using blogger.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Make Money Online Without A Website

Generally when people think about making money online they want websites for online earning. That’s why in my previous post article I have showed that how to make money with your website, but have you thought that can we make money with without website? Yes, it’s not necessary that you must have website in order to make money online, but you can make money online without a website easily. I know that website help in earning money in many ways, but a lot of people making money online from home without any blog or website. Today I am going to show you proven strategy to make money online without any website.

Writing Articles- A lot of webmaster every time searching for fresh and new quality of content for their websites. Content is always king and it can decide your website success. Original and quality of content is soul of any website that’s why new article is always in demand. You can write article for these webmaster and make money online without website. Best thing is that you can start now and get paid high around $5 to $8 per article. You can start right now Writing Articles by piece of paper and pen.
make money online without a website
GPT programs- GPT is get paid to programs which paid its members for different kind of task. Most of the GPT programs joining charges are free. These GPT programs is task like online surveys, visiting websites, writing articles, subscribing to free newsletters etc.
Which indicates whenever you finish a process these GPT websites, the merchant pays some quantity to the webmaster and in come back they discuss an amount of revenue with their associates who accomplished that process. I don't say that you generate countless income through this way, but yes you can generate a great deal through it. Fiverr is great site and very cheap for doing anything only $6. A lot of people like Fiverr because it is cheap.
There are individuals on Fiver that earn cash by providing to take a simple image of a plant or place, drawing an animated, performing a tune and producing it, informing visitors where to go and what to see in their town, and many other factor you can think about.  
You would be amazed to see what types of factor individuals are willing to pay for on Fiverr. Basically join and add as many solutions as you would like. You can easily find your customer by paying commission only $1 out of $5 to It is so simple to generate income on Fiverr that it almost seems too foolish.

Paid Surveys-I think you hard about free survey, but paid survey is great as compared to paid surveys. You can receive frequently survey in paid surveys and easily make money.
These reviews are done on part of organizations and organizations who want to know what people think of their goods and services. Most of these website reviews take anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes to finish. And with regards to the duration of the study, you can anticipate to get compensated anywhere from $2 to up to $80 per survey.

Selling on eBay- eBay’s is not even older site, but one of the great auction site. A Lot of people earning thousands of dollars monthly form eBay. It’s not necessary that you have to make sell or buy something, but by doing reselling unused stuff that is still in well condition.

By doing these you can make money online without a website

Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Get Traffic From Us And Canada

A Lot of website owner doesn’t want junk web traffic from all over world, but they want only website traffic from US and Canada. For any webmaster wants to  make great profit, but for that website conversions or the amount of website visitors who makes sell is the most important measure for marketing success. High volume targeted web traffic can ensure great conversions. 
Have you ever think that why US and Canada traffic is important for website owner? Answer is simple First these US, Canada are so developed and US or Canada web traffic can make high sell profit for website owner. Second is that most of the PPC, CPM networks paying high EPC for this kind of traffic.

Blow is some important tips in order to get traffic form US and Canada.

  • Hosting your account at the US or  Canada- For getting high ranking and high traffic for US or Canada your hosting account should be at US or Canada. Every website is hosted on a web server that attaches to the world internet. Every web server, which is connected to the internet is allocated single unique ip address by hosting company. These ip addresses is different for different country and it shows country location that is identified by search engine easily. Depending on ip address and web serve location search engines give important to your website in search ranking. E.g. your hosting account located at the US then search engine give high impotence to website in US.
  • Optimize SEO for US and Canada-SEO optimization for Targeted Traffic is second important steps towards getting US and Canada web traffic. Make sure your website is well optimized in for that always select .com in your website domain. Link building for Targeted Traffic is also important because when you optimized your site in USA or Canada links should be coming for USA or Canada based websites.
  • Configure Geographic location-Take help of your free Google webmasters tool webmaster tool. Configuration geographic location is very easy in webmaster tool, just sing-in->Configuration-> Settings-> Geographic target-> United stated or Canada.After doing this geographic location change, you will find that your site is getting more targeted traffic for where you want.
  • Write Content for US and Canada- when you write your content or product that should always be targeted to USA or Canada people.
All these steps are very important in getting more traffic from US and Canada.