Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Best Affiliate Sites For Make Money

Affiliate marketing is one of the best approaches to make money. In my previous post I have showed how to make money with affiliate marketing but this article is brief explanation of Affiliate marketing tips and top affiliate sites that help make more money for your website or blog.

Why affiliate product and best affiliate sites are important-
Selling product online is not a big task, but after selling product customer satisfaction is also important. There two option first you can sell your own produce product. This is best choosing and more profitable option because there is no middle man; whole profit will come in your pocket. But problem in selling own product that it requires a lot of investment, a lot of resource and high experience.

Second option is affiliate product in which no investment or high experience is required, but you will not full amount of profit. It will depend on affiliate site of which you using for promoting product that’s why best affiliate site is important that give highest revenue.

Below is Affiliate marketing tips that help increase sell on affiliate product.

Choose a product-
After join a top affiliate website chooses your own product, writes a brief and attractive description of that product. First you have to know each and every point and function of that product and tell your reader how promoting product can help them.

Join Best affiliate- 
Why telling that join best affiliate websites because most of affiliate site not give high revenue. When you become an affiliate of popular website than these website give high revenue mean they take 30% and give 70% to publisher. E.g.-If you are promoting weight loss pills it’s worth of $100 and someone comes on your site and clicks on these affiliate weight loss pills links or banner then you get commission of $70. This commission also depends on product and market demand.  When you go to internet search you will find a lot of site that claim highest revenue like 80 or 85% to publisher, but I don’t think they will be honest with publisher.

Below is some of the best affiliate site that helps you to generate high revenue.

A lot of people daily making money on eBay. Join eBay and make money on eBay is easy process for publisher. On eBay all kinds of product is available. I like ebay because it pays me for Clicks and these paid per click (EPC) depend on quality of traffic on my site.

Amazon affiliate programs are generally called Amazon Associates. Amazon is popular site for all kinds of product. Earn up to 15% in Advertising fees with Amazon. Free to join Amazon associates and different widget by which easily monetize blog or website.

Commission junction is one of the trusted sites that connect you to different company product and their selling commission. Commission junction work like a middle man and pay commission for selling product. On commission junction you can choose your own company by which you want to make affiliate.

Apply more traffic more money strategy- 
Everybody knows that in online marketing depend on traffic that your side is getting daily, but for make money more formula is simple more traffic more money. After doing everything waits sometime this will work. Thanks for reading...