Saturday, February 18, 2012

Make Money Selling Photos Online

I don’t think that anybody don’t like photography in his life and even every want to make good photographer to capture those important movement of life. If you have hobbies of photography then why not you can convert your hobbies into a money making source.

selling photos online
In my past post I have showed you how to make money with Clickbank, but today I am going to show you very excite information about making money by photography. Most important thing here there is no investment except your interest and normal camera and you can easily make money by selling photos online. 

If you like photography and can take interesting pictures, there are many sites you can upload your images and these sites will pay you every time when someone downloads your images.
This is great for you imagine single image is sell over and over again, Generating money every time with many website.
Good sites to sell stock photography include where everyone can make money selling photos online to submit their photos of all kinds.  

1. IStockPhoto- Istockphoto is a market for stock images, audio and videos tracks.The site's library contains over 5-6 million stock photos, Flash files, video footage audio and vector illustrations from over 80,000 artists. Once approved by the site, photographers, Earn 20 -40 % on prices which range from $2 to $20 per image.

2. GettyImages- One of the popular sites for sells a high range of different styles of stocks .Selling your images on Getty images need copyright license that verified you are the only owner of images. 

3. ShutterStock- Earn money selling images earning $0.30  per image downloadable and refer other photography lovers and earn  $0.04 per photo sold by them.

4. PhotoStockPlus- Set your own in your private galleries earn 85% commission on all sales. However, it’s not free here you have to pay a processing fee (3.25%) on each sale. 

5. Veer- Chance of earning royalty income because veer allow to setting your own income of image and every image that have on a standard or product license for that image sold you got a 30% royalty income for every image. Fast PayPal payment option is here. If you allow your image to be downloaded on subscription, you will receive $0.30 per download on images.

Lot of other site available in market but I found that these 5 sites are best to make money selling Photos online.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ways to Make Money On Facebook

Online Business is gift of Internet marketing. Everyone can make money online in various ways and no need of in expert in IT information or an investment to start your own web business. Even, some filed no need of having a website or a blog. In my previous post I have shown how to Make money with your website.

Today I am going to share you wonderful opportunity to make money with Facebook is a great source of make money online. All you need is a Facebook account to get started and make money online.
ways to make money on Facebook

I know today everybody know Facebook application and these application make easy ways for you to generate a decent income for you on Facebook.

Here are 6 applications for you by using easily make money on Facebook.

1.)  EBay- This application bring eBay on Facebook. This application allows every feature of ebay, easily to add eBay auction listings to your Profile. Sell things to your Facebook friends from games, books, Jewelers Making or just whatever you’re selling on eBay!

2.) Music Blaster- Music Blaster great application for music lover and it works on commission. Your favorite music you can put an on Facebook like little music store, and sell music from You earn 5% for each song sold.

3.) Radical Buy-This is amazing application, it make your Facebook like eBay. Now you can easily sell or buy on your Facebook page and sell and generate your own commission by selling staff. Cool thing about this application you can reach out to more potential customers.

4.) e3buy Auction- By using this Facebook allows you buy, sell or trade anything either Selling item  is new or used.With e3Buy you can generate a store, upload your logo and sell things. Unlike eBay, there are no commissions or fees to pay. It is totally free to use. It is also entirely bundled along with PayPal, therefore you acquire repayments quickly. It’s free make use of.

5.) Shopit- Whether you want to sell a product or buy one or both, Simply add a free store to your Facebook and sell anything you like Shopit is the online one-stop-shop for you! In order to use it, all you need to do is add any free store to your Facebook page!

6.) CafePress- with this Facebook app you can start selling whatever you have on your store via your profile and make money, whether it was created by you or someone else just made to your Facebook fans and promote product like CafePress t-shirt.

In my opinion there other lot of Facebook application for make money on Facebook, but what are I showed here these are great application.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Ways to Make Money Online With Your Website

Some time before I was searching top ways to make money online from home, so I can make money for home easily with less afford। Then I found that now a day making website and promoting product is easy way to make money online, but for this traffic is very important factor and for that in my previous post I have show How to get more traffic to your website.

ways to make money online with your website

Here I am going to show you 5 Ways to make money with your website or blogger.

1. CPM Advertising Networks
CPM stand for Cost per thousand impression and it is better than PPC advertising because Ads depends only impression not for clicks. A website that that have 2,000 unique visitor traffic daily and displaying an animated banner with a $3 CPM, than, you will make money $6 per day.

Different CPM network have different CPM rate. With Best and famous CPM network will be higher the CPM rate reason behind that these CPM network have more advertisers.  For the higher CPM rate you can put the ads to the header of the website.

Below are high Paying CPM Advertising Network

2. PPC Advertising Networks-
Google AdSense is the best PPC network for this category. You can sign up free Google AdSense network and if your website is approved by Google AdSense then Google AdSense is best for you and if not, you can choose alternative of Google AdSense. Copy and add code to your website and AdSense network will then serve contextual ads relevant to your website content. 

Earn money by PPC ads network depends of every click and for more profit the click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) is very important here.

Below are popular CPC advertising networks:

3. Direct Banner Advertising-
This is greatest ways to make money online with your website by direct banner advertising because here you can remove middleman commission and fix your own rate for your banner ads space. The most demanding banner space formats on website are the 120×600 skyscraper, 300×250 rectangle ads, 728×90 leaderboard ads, and 125×125 square ads.

4. Text Link Ads-
The Benefit of Text link ads is that is not need any kind of webpage space. You can just add code to your website and ads will appear on your website. When some one comes on your site and sells will done you will profit.

Popular Text link networks are below:

5. Affiliate Marketing-
Affiliated  Marketing is kind of relation between website owner and business owner where by the business owner offers the website owner a commission fee structure for linking to their business site to offer product, site or services for sale.This kind of advertising network is also called cost per action or cost per lead ads network.
Website owner can send his website visitor to affiliate network using banners ads, text links or product reviews.

Below are top affiliate networks:

There are other lots of ways to make money online with your website, but in my opinion above is top 5 ways to make money online with your website.