Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Make Money with eBay

Today eBay is best source of make money online for everyone, no matter what product you want to promote on your site. EBay offer you lot of product for sell.
Today over 800,000 regular people are now making money a full or part time income on eBay.
For example if you have a website and you are promoting eBay product like eBook by sell low-priced eBooks and earn huge commission checks on the back end from affiliate to you.
Here is some step for you to make money from eBay.
make money on ebay

Here Is Some Easy Step for Make Money on eBay-
Registered with sell account- EBay offer you to make account free. If you are not an eBay seller member on eBay,click the "register" link available at the top of any eBay page and complete your membership process by verifying your account. 

Choose your product - Be for going to start sell on eBay, it is important to take some search for best product and there commissions. Go on advance Search option and search following.

  • What is product category
  • What is price of the product and shipping charges.
  • Go through product description/ Image and titles.
product form

List the product for sale Now your product ready for sale by following details of your product on the easy-to-use Sell Your Item form-

  • Select the product category- Here you can fill the category of product.
  • Enter the title- Please fill an attractive title for Byers.
  • Add pictures- Add picture of product from your computer that we previously save. 
choose your product

  •  Enter a description- Fill description of your product that you want to sell but it should be more attractive with true information.
  • Choose a selling format- -It is starting price of product from which you want to start bidding.
  • Choose payment methods- Better to select all available option on eBay by which Byers easily bye your product. 
  • Specify shipping charges- Fill the additional shipping charges for shipping.
  • Click the Save and Continue button and finally select Gallery.  
Now go to tool option and generate HTML code for your blog. Attached this code to your blog and now you can make money with eBay.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Get Free Backlinks

Backlinks are the important for SEO. Backlink is a link from another site pointing back to yours site.
If you want high traffic and high page rank in Google,yahoo and bing then backlink is very important for site or blog. You want to have a lot of high quality relevant backlinks pointing to your site with keyword rich anchor text. Some link is paid link and some are free link. Here I am show you top way how to get free backlink.
get free backlink
A quality of backlink is very important for you blog which comes from a page with decent page rank and has dofollow attributes. Then your website high traffic and page rank. A backlink with a nofollow attribute is not use full for building backlink. 

Top Way To Get Free Backlink- 

Add Your Website to Social Bookmarking-Submit your site insocial bookmarking site by from which you can get backlinks. Some of socialbookmarking site is – 

Add Your Website to Web Directories-Submit your site to popular dofollow web directory and get free backlink. Some of dofollow webdirectory is- 

Add Your Website to Article Submission Directory –Write a unique post, add a bio with a link or two back to your site in the resource box. Then you submit these articles to article directories.

RSS feed submission- RSS directory is more important because it will give quick index to website and whenever your site will update it will automatic update.

Blog Commenting-This is easy and effective way to backlink,just do quality of comment on “dofollow blog”. By doing this lot of quality of backlink comes to your site. With your niche keyword you can find dofollow blog here.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best CPM Network For Make Money Online

If you have high traffic on your blog or website than CPM ads are very helpful for before going to CPM ads let me show you what is CPM and how it work.

What is CPM ads and how it’s work?

CPM (cost per 1000 impression) means when ads appear 1000 time on your website and you will earn money. Amount of money depend on CPM network which you chose and size of ads. Some CPM network pays $2 or $3 CPM. If your webstite have 800 regular different visitors create about 1000 impressions a day on your site, Best thing in CPM ads that it is not like CPC ads, so I would say CPM adsense are better way to make money. Most important is traffic for this kind of CPM ads network. E.g. - If your blog generate 50,000 page views per month with $1 CPM, you can make $50 per month.

Here is Best CPM Network for Make Money Online

Tribal Fusion- It is one of the best CPM ad network,but it hardly approve any site. Minimum requirement for approve is 5000visitors per day. Minimum payment is $50. You will be paid 45 days after by Check or NEFT when your minimum payment has accrued.

CPX Interactive-This is another well known paying good CPM network, but meeting traffic requirement is not always good and it’s minimum requirement requirement-10,000 unique visitors per month. The Minimum payment is $50. You will be paid 45 days after by Check or NEFT when your minimum payment has accrued.

Burst media- It is one of the oldest ad network and work on contextual ads where you earn more profit from your content. This is my one of the favorite and trusted network. Minimum requirement for approve is 20,000 page views per month. Minimum payment is $25.You will be paid 30 days after by PayPal, or check when your minimum payment has accrued. very hard to be a part of this ad network, paying good CPM, because Requirement- 2 million page view per month
Value click-this is very highly paying ads network, but you will get approvals if your blog have min 3000 pages views per month. But it’s not for blogger, because it not accept free domain, should have own domain. . Minimum payment is $25. You will be paid25 days after by PayPal, or check when your minimum payment has accrued.
best cpm network
Castle media- it is also one of the core CPM Ad network, but minimum requirement-10,000unique visitors per month.

But in case your blog or website not meets this kind of requirement then you can join this following network.

Chitika-CPC & CPM Ad network Chitika network is best money making program but only if you get search engine traffic from US and Canada. Minimum payment is $10 buy PayPal or $50 by check. You can use Chitika Ads with AdSense because Chitika Ads are non-contextual.

Contextweb- very good CPM ad network and easily you get approval. It only covers US and UK traffic. Here you set your own CPM price, Ads are shown accordingly.

AdsDaq – While they only provide CPM ads to specific countries, it is very easy to use for blog. Minimum payment is $50. You will be paid 30days after by PayPal, or check when your minimum payment has accrued.
For more money from CPM Ads more traffic and high page rank is necessary but high page Ranking is depend on quality of backlinks

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Add Meta Tags?

In Blogger meta tags are most important because it give high ranking in search engine optimization. Most of people give duplicate or wrong meta tags that effect to your SEO Strategy.
Add meta tag and description to blogger blog is help search engine to find you webpage and you can easily get page ranking.
add meta tags

Before going to explain how to add meta tag and meta description tag, you should know what meta tag is-
Meta tags are html code that is inserted into header on the web page. It is verities of form but most common from is, which people use in search engine optimization is html meta keywords and html meta description.
Meta keywords are a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page.
Meta keyword is look like that-

<meta name =”keyword” content= “keyword, keywords, keyword phase, etc”>

Meta description is brief description of your site within 150 to 170 words.
Meta description is look like that-

<meat name =”description” content =”brief description of the contents of webpage “>

How to add meta tags in blogger blog-
     1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
     2. Select the 'design' link.
     3. Click on “design tab”>edit html.
     4. Click on the 'edit html' tab
     5. Here is the code you have to add (copy this code).

<meta content='description here' name='description'/> <meta content='keywords here' name='keywords'/> <meta content='author name here' name='author'/>
     6. Write description, keyword and author name of your blog.
     7. Add the above code just after this code

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> 
      8. Finally your code looks like-

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<meta content='description here' name='description'/><meta content='keywords here' name='keywords'/> <meta content='author name here' name='author'/>
      9. After adding description, keyword and author save the html templates.

Check your meta tags on seo centro, submit express and If you want to drive more traffic to your blog Building Backlink will help you.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated  Marketing is kind of relation between website owner and business owner where by the business owner offers the website owner a commission rate fee framework for connecting to their web page to offer product ,site or services for sale.
make money with affiliate program

In affiliated marketing website or blog owner is called publisher and business owner is called advertisers. Simplest way to understand affiliated marketing is helping business by promoting their product services and site and by doing help publisher is rewarded.

Payment Method of Affiliate Network:

  • Cost per Sale (CPA) – publisher get paid when product has been sold.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL) - Affiliates gets paid per Lead Generation.
  • CPC- Cost per click pays every time if someone clicks on ads.
  • CPM- Cost per 1000 impressions ads pay for every 1000 times a page is viewed.
Anybody can easily join the any popular network like Clickbank, LinkShare, Amazon, eBay, Google’s affiliated network. Amazon have lot of product in different verity.All these network is free to singup and you can make money online free.

Make money online with Marketing Affiliate Program is very easy, if your website or blog have following criteria-
  • Traffic.
  • Finding relevant product.
  • Finding quality of product.
  • Build trust with your reader.
  • Choose the Right affiliated programs. 

Use Google AdSense And Monetize Blogs

Here we are going to show you how to make money online with Google AdSense. This is very simple and easy way to monetize your blog. For add Google AdSense in your blogger blog just click on monetize tab in blogger and select radio button for size and then save. Now your Google AdSense is attached in your blogs. Now online making money is started
google AdSense

Google offer you different kind of payment method-
  • CPC- Cost per click pays every time if someone clicks on ads.
  • CPM- Cost per 1000 impressions ads pays for every 1000 times a page is viewed.
  • Cost per action- If running ads are software ads and someone click on that and flow a link and takes the advertised action, such as software downloading. 

Google will pay you’re your account have minimum balance of 100 $ on monthly basic. Opening a Google Ad Sense account is not so easy in India and china. If your domain is more than 6 month old then only you get account in India and china. Google is the king of AdSense, but some great term and condition also there.

If you don’t follow these terms and condition then your Google AdSense account may be blocked within some time. Thanks that Alternative of Google AdSense is available.

More about Google AdSense Click Here

  • Don’t click on Google ads that you are serving through AdSense
  • Don’t use some wrong information when you opened AdSense account.
  • For opening Google AdSense account your age should be minimum 18 year old
  • Don’t display Google ads on webpage with content protected by copy right law.
  • Don’t place ads sense code in appropriate place like emails and pop-ups window or software.
Most of people blogs or site not approve by Google or has been blocked ,so don’t worried there different good advertising network which you can join easily and make money online such as Chitika, Adbrite, Contextweb and LinkShare.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Make Money Online?

A lot of people who are new on internet marketing, they don’t know how to make money online from home. This article is very helpful for them.

Today internet is not only option for entertainment, but it will help you to make money online easily and consistently. Ways to Make money online is very easy now-a-day. You can make money from home. Today is the world of opportunity. This post will give a lot of information of online money making idea.

make money online
Internet marketing and niche is good option to make money online. There area lot of money in internet marketing and niche. That marketing is not requiring any kind of special skill, but you have to understand the product of it. Do not go deep inside marketing, otherwise you will scare.

Here I will show you simplest 19 ways to make money online from home easily.There are sever way by which you can make money online free. A computer and an internet connection are mandatory, that is your investment. You can create Hubpage or Blog on Blogger.

Blogging is a simple way to make money online. We have a lot of options to monetize our blogs. Here is identifying ideas to make money from your Blogs.

Everybody knows what blogging is. Simple definition is, “blogging means express your thought
”. It is also called as weblog. There are many web 2.0 websites that allow you to create free blog. e.g. - is the easiest and oldest places to create your blog.

There are literally thousands of blog create everyday, but majority of them do not make money there are various ways available to monetize your blogs and make money online.

  • Selling Advertisements.

  • Sponsored Review.

People who are new to internet marketing will try to put up ads on their blog and write as much as they can write – but they didn’t find good result.For generating more traffic (SEO Tips) on blog, you can make lot of money online, here is the way to make money blogger.